Vitafor Laboratories S.R.L. is aware of the fact that, during all the production process, there are key factors that must be checked to ensure the quality of their products.


Vitamins are organic compounds that our body needs in small quantities to satisfy metabolic processes; they do not supply any calories. Each vitamin has its own function and cannot be replaced by any other substance.


These nutrients have several properties connected with welfare, and also with the prevention and cure of various diseases.


They constitute a group of nutrients which do not supply any calories to our organism but have important qualities.


They are essential for a great number of functions of human metabolism; take part in processes such as the action of the enzymatic and hormonal systems, muscular contraction, nervous reactions and blood coagulation; also take part in the structural reconstruction of body tissues and they are part of our bones and teeth and control the composition of extracellular and intracellular fluids.