Vitafor Laboratories S.R.L. offers a line of products elaborated under the strictest quality standards, warranting safe and innocuous products due to their traceability system.


Water-soluble emulsion of vitamin A and
vitamin D.


It is an emulsion designed to be dispersed either in water or milk without any especial process, with only light shake. The Vitamin A/Vitamin D proportion can be modified and adjusted to the current food legislation in the country of interest.


- Fluid and powdered whole milk.
- Fluid and powdered skim milk.
- Yoghurt, children’ formulations and various milk products.
- Waters and foods with high watery content.

Compound 100/20 100/10
Vitamin A 100.000 UI/g 100.000 UI/g
Vitamin D 20.000 UI/g 10.000 UI/g