Corporate Social Responsibility

Citizens, consumers, investors or workers wish that Companies and Managers, whose decisions influence their lives, may adopt high ethical standards of conduct.

Being a Company we understand that we are not only part of a market but also of a community, and that an Economical and Social Development will not be possible unless it supports the needs of the social whole.

Thus, Vitafor Laboratories S.R.L., while implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility, has its own legitimate responsibilities and obligations, being also responsible for the social, ethical and environmental impact.

Legal Norms (Laws)

Fortification or adding nutrients to foods is done considering the valid legal framework for the country in which they will be commercialized and under international norms which let commercialization all over the world.

In those nutrients, for which it is not determined a recommended daily ingesta, recommendations either from Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) or World Health Organization (O.S.M. is the acronym in Argentine Republic) are taken as referential data.

For formulation of foods that will be commercialized in our country and in MERCOSUR it is considered the Recommended Daily Ingesta according to MERCOSUR Resolution 46/03 adopted by the Argentine Food Code. It is also given advice to the labeling and contents considering Chapters V and XVII of the same code.

Vitafor Laboratories S.R.L. contributes actively and voluntarily to the social, economical and environmental improvement, matching our company efficiency to social principles rooted in our mission.