About us

We are devoted to the innovation, production and commercialization of premixes, emulsions of vitamins, minerals, soluble mixes and nutrients in general for food industry.

We currently have an outstanding position in the production and commercialization in the Argentine Republic, focusing on ad hoc developments and remarkable technical assistance. The certification on ISO 22000 standards backs us and strengthens our process of continuous quality improvement.

Moreover, we have a highly qualified and suitable staff ready to satisfy the needs, prospects and the desired profitability of our national and international customers.

Ad hoc formulations

We develop premixes and emulsions that are specifically adjusted to customers' needs, from the very beginning up to the final stage, with the support of a highly qualified technical department, monitoring the new development until its materialization, and backing it up during its launching and later production.

Each population segment has its own basic needs, different from others, thus it is essential a correct and adequate formulation for each sector.

Each ad hoc formulation, after being approved by the customer as adequate for his product, is registered in the state Bromatologic Organism and is handed over with the corresponding number on the National Register of Food Product (in Argentina it is called Registro Nacional de Producto Alimenticio, RNPA).

Vitafor Laboratories S.R.L. offers specialised advice that allows its customers to be ahead of the new launchings.